Amanda Sabio
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More about Amanda
Amanda Sabio Real Estate Broker and Owner of Sabio Realty is originally from upstate NY where she also currently holds her Brokers Licence. She moved to central Florida over 10 years ago and of course wanted to continue pursuing her passion in the Real Estate field. So off she went to get her licence at Ifrec, a local Real Estate licencing school where, little did she know, she would meet her now husband Eric! The two took their love for real estate and each other and grew their career.

Amanda is considered a pricing expert and has giving her professional opinion on over 10K properties making her a go to for many banks and outsourcing companies. She uses this knowledge to give her clients a more direct and accurate price of what to list and offer on homes making the process more streamlined from the very beginning.
Amanda has explored many social media applications learning a way to draw in leads with a more instant approach and is looking to give her agents a running head start for success.

We look forward to working with our new agents and clients!